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iPhone 12 Mini Screen | Incell LCD

Product Type: Screen Assembly
Compatible Model: iPhone 12 Mini
Screen Type: Incell LCD
Warranty: 1 Year
Colour: Black
Condition: New

This iPhone screen assembly is the new standard in aftermarket screens, being both cost effective great quality!

360 degree view:

Your original device has a built in polarizer that allows you to view your screen with polarized sunglasses at any angle. Most cheaper screens only have 180 degree polarizers making them harder to see from some angles

Oleophobic coating

The manufacturer of your device installs an Oleophobic coating onto each screen, this allows your fingers to glide across the screen without interruption, this includes a nano Oleophobic coating that repels dirt and gives a smooth feel with little friction.

Cold pressed frames

Although all of our iPhone screens are cold-pressed, many cheaper screens from other vendors are not - this means that the glass can lift from the frame over time. All of our screens are individually cold pressed for 15 minutes to completely avoid this issue.

Touch responsiveness

It has improved video drivers, this allows your touch to be smooth and responsive.

Colour accuracy

It uses additional colour gamuts to improve tones. This goes beyond original and improves colours even further giving you deeper blacks, stronger reds, brighter whites and darker blues (compared to other LCD panels).

Package: Incell screen for the Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Compatibility: iPhone 12 Mini

Warranty: 1 Year




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