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iPhone 11 Screen | INCELL Premium LCD

Product Type: Screen Assembly
Compatible Model: iPhone 11
Screen Type: Incell LCD
Warranty: 1 Year
Colour: Black
Condition: New

You're not quite you when you're phone isn't working the way it should. It might be cracked, the touch screen unresponsive but, you don't need to suffer in silence.

Bring your phone back to life with this LCD display which combines the same LCD quality you know from OSNOK. The team at OSNOK have spent hundreds of hours to ensure the LCD panel is almost identical to the original OLED display.

You can be sure that by purchasing an iPhone Screen from us you'll be getting:

     An LCD screen with it's original specification and dimensions so that it fits perfectly in your phone's housing

    ● A screen which is clear and bright with vivid colour, just like the original

     ● A screen that still performs normally even if you damage the glass afterwards


TrueColor Technology

360 Polariser

OEM FPC Connector

Perfect post installation finish

3M ESR blacklight (high brightness)

Real Oleophobic coating

Accurate touch response

True 3D Touch


Warranty: 1 Year

Manufacturer: OSNOK

Condition: New

Colour: Black

Compatibility: iPhone 11 




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